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Saturday, 28 September 2013 12:51

On Board Phone

Written by  Scott Brown
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Just Received this email from a colleague, Simon, and thought I'd share it plus a link to the phone he just bought.


I just wanted to pass on my experience of trying to replace my drowned mobile phone!

I was very proud of my contract Samsung S3 and its functionality, I.E GPS, big screen runs Navionics Charts, etc.

It was perfect for use on the boat until, when leaning over to grab a warp and it slipped out of my pocket and went for a swim!

You'd have thought that a £350 phone would be waterproof but sadly not!

Trying to replace the phone got me searching the internet for the best bargains available and imagine my surprise on finding what looked like my old Samsung for £50!!!

Supplied by Swees through Amazon, this phone has all the functions of the Samsung as well as dual sim's at a fraction of the price. If this one takes a dive, I wont cry nearly as much!!


I had another email, this time from George W., an ex brokerage customer who says he's looking at a similar phone, a bit more expensive but with a couple of extras:

I'll pester these guys for a report in due course!
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